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        1.負責對大隊(中隊)的辦理,把握全面狀況,依據公司計劃和要求,結合實際,科學安排執行各 項作業,完結公司交給的保安效勞使命。
        1. Responsible for the team (squadron) management, grasp the overall situation, according to the company's plans and requirements, combined with the actual, scientific arrangements for the implementation of various operations, the completion of the company's security mission.
        2.依據公司與客戶簽定的合同,制定勤務計劃,與客戶經常交流,隨時了解駐勤單位的狀況,查看 各項作業的執行。
        2. According to the contract signed by the company and the customer, work out the service plan, communicate with the customer frequently, keep abreast of the status of the stationed unit and check the execution of various operations.
        3.認真執行公司有關規章制度,加強部隊辦理。 把握大隊(中隊)人員在崗狀況。
        3. conscientiously implement the relevant rules and regulations of the company and strengthen the handling of the troops. Grasp the position of the brigade (squadron).
        4. 按計劃安排大隊(中隊)展開保安技能練習,進步保安員的專業技能和效勞水平。
        4. Arrange the team (squadron) to carry out security skills training according to the plan to improve the professional skills and service level of security guards.
        5. 對保安器械進行辦理,保證保安器械的無缺有用。
        5. conduct security devices to ensure that security devices are available.
        6. educate and nurture the security backbone and improve their ability to arrange and handle.
        7., we should carry out legal education, work ethics education and professional dedication education for security guards.
        8. 對駐勤單位進行經常性的安全查看,發現問題及時處理,消除隱患。
        8. conduct regular safety checks on the stationing units and find out the problems in time and eliminate hidden dangers.
        9.做好思想政治作業,關心保安員的日子,及時協助處理實際問題。 10深化調查研究,定期總結作業,展開經驗交流,及時向上級反應部隊辦理信息。
        9. do a good job in Ideological and political work, care about the days of security guards, and promptly assist in dealing with practical problems. 10. Deepen investigation and research, regularly summarize operations, carry out experience exchange, and handle information to the higher-level reaction forces in a timely manner.
        11. 做好考勤審核、服裝發放、報表和保安員分配作業。
        11. do a good job in attendance check, clothing distribution, report forms and assignment of security personnel.
        12. 執行保安部隊內部安全措施,避免發作保安員違法違紀問題和嚴重安全事故。
        12. Implement internal security measures of the security forces to avoid the occurrence of violations of law and discipline by security personnel and serious security incidents.
        (本文的精彩內容來自:中特保安保服務公司,更多的詳細內容請點擊昆明保安服務公司官方網站:謝謝您的到來 http://www.npzjxh.com)
        (The highlight of this article is from Kunming Zhongte Security Service Company, Yunnan Province. For more details, please click the official website of Kunming Security Service Company: Thank you for coming to http://www.npzjxh.com)





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