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        Dress requirements for security service personnel
        1. When wearing security guard's clothes, the hat badge, shoulder badge, armband and other clothing and security service signs should be fully worn. The hat badge is worn in the middle of the hat; the shoulder badge is worn on the garment shoulder loop; the arm badge is worn on the left arm of the jacket; the security service sign is worn on the right breast of the jacket; and the security service unit sign is worn on the left breast of the jacket.
        2. a security guard dressed in civilian clothes should wear a security service sign on the left chest of his coat.
        3. when a security guard is dressed, he should be civilized and honest, and keep his clothes neat and clean. No smoking or drinking; No wearing a security cap, clothing, open arms, sleeves, trouser legs; No wearing or fastening signs or articles unrelated to the identity of security guards or the performance of their duties; No colored hair or jewelry; No male security guards may keep long hair, big temples, perm curls (natural curls outside), shaved or bearded, female security guards An officer should not send out, make-up, paint his nails, wear colorful legs and tights.
        4. security guards must not wear casual clothes.
        5. security guards must not wear security personnel clothing during the period of non service.
        6. security guards should wear safety helmets when dressing. When you need to take off your hat, you can hold it under your left armpit with your left hand holder (the top of the hat is to the outside, the emblem is to the front), and you can put it on the left side of the front edge of the table (desk) or on your left knee with your left hand holder (the top of the hat is up, the emblem is to the front). In the office and dormitory, the helmet is hung on the clothes rack (the top of the hat is outward, the emblem is downward) and may be uniformly placed just above the bedclothes and bedclothes.
        7. when more than two security personnel wear their clothes on duty and may go out, they should be orderly and dignified.
        8. Security guards should protect and take good care of security guards'clothing, security service signs, hat badges, shoulder badges, armbands and other clothing. No gifts should be given or transferred to other personnel, and no alteration or sale can be carried out without authorization.
        9. The time of changing the security personnel shall be determined by the security practitioners themselves according to the local climatic conditions and work needs.
        10. The dress and appearance of security guards should be subject to supervision and inspection by the public security organs of the places where the security practitioners are located.
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